add ftp like file manager

How to Add FTP like File Manager in Your WordPress

Are you looking for an easy way to add FTP like File Manager functionality to your WordPress website?

Well in this article, I am going to share the exact way to add FTP like File Manager in WordPress with you.

How to Add FTP like File Manager in Your WordPress?

Being able to upload and access files directly from your WordPress admin area is a great way to streamline some of the processes. Now, we will always recommend using an FTP client with SSH or SFTP protocols to securely transfer files between you and your website but we also know that using a file manager works in cases when you don’t have access to FTP or when you don’t have access to your cPanel.

So, to get started let’s head over to our WordPress dashboard, we’ll be installing a new plugin so we need to go our Plugins area.

add ftp like file manager

Now, on the Plugins page go to Add New and search for “File Manager” and now install the first one shown in the image below.

add ftp like file manager 2

Once it’s installed make sure to activate it, so It can start working on your WordPress dashboard.

Next, you can access your new FTP or you can say File Manager through your WordPress dashboard

You can perform all the actions that you can do on any of your FTP applications like FileZilla. Like adding folder moving files and renaming files etc.

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