How to add reCAPTCHA on WordPress Login Page?

If you’re getting huge bot login attempts and bot registrations, then you should immediately add reCAPTCHA on your WordPress website.

Google reCAPTCHA is the most advanced CAPTCHA tool. Using this CAPTCHA will prevent your website against bot attacks and won’t affect real user experience.

So, Let’s add Google reCAPTCHA in your WordPress login page…

How to add reCAPTCHA on WordPress Login Page?

For installing reCAPTCHA we firstly need to install a wordpress plugin named “Login No Captcha reCAPTCHA” from your WordPress plugin directory and activate it.

Once you’ll install & activate the plugin, you’ll be prompted to a text strip says “Login No Captcha has not been properly configured. Click here to configure.”


Click on that hyperlink “Click here” and go to the next page.


On the next page, click on the “Click here” hyperlink underneath the “Login NoCaptcha Options” headline.


On the next, choose “reCAPTCHA V2” and then enter domain of your WordPress site.


Accept the Terms of Service and then click on “Register”.

Now, on the following page you will get two keys. Site key and Secret key.


You need to paste these keys on the sections below on your WordPress websites.


And then you need to click on “Save Changes” button and then visit your login page in incognito tab. Don’t close the current page until you confirm that everything is working perfectly.

If yes, then leave the current page otherwise you need to click on “Delete keys and Disable”.

Caution : Do not close your current page page before disabling the reCAPTCHA if it is not working, or you’ll lose access to your WordPress Admin dashboard.

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  1. Deepraj Jadhav

    I am getting a tons of login attempts through bots. Thanks for sharing, hope this helps.

    1. Abhishek Verma

      Surely, It will prevent your website from bot logins.

  2. Deepak Kumar

    reCAPTCHA is a nice thing. It has helped me to reduce spams and bots

    1. Abhishek Verma

      Yes. reCAPTCHA improved a lot when it is acquired by Google. It is much more advanced than it was back in the days.

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