Himanshu Verkiya

Being a CSE Student, I love to explore various topics related to Computer Science and Technology and love to write about them here at ChampHub. Also Passionate about the stock market and trading, I also like to keep myself up to date with the latest happenings in the market.

How to Avail AWS Free Tier [Step By Step Guide]

Interested in cloud computing and want to work on the latest cloud technologies?. Get to know in this post how you can get most of these services for free and get your hands dirty with cloud technologies. Here we are going to discuss various web services provided by Amazon and how the public can opt …

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GitHub Announced Unlimited Free Private Repositories

With the starting of the new year, GitHub has announced the availability of unlimited free private repositories for free accounts and a whole new bunch of Enterprise offerings. If you are a tech guy and don’t know what Git and Github are about? Check Here What is GitHub? Let’s dig into these updates now GitHub Free …

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What is Github ?

Once in a while, you might have heard about Git or Github ? Ever wondered what they are for ? In this post we are just going to discuss that. So, let’s get started . Before getting into Github we have to learn about Git and it’s functionalities. Git is a version control system created …

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