How to create backdoor in a WordPress website?

WordPress is one of the most secure blogging tools that are hard to break. Imagine a situation where you lost access to your WordPress website and got stuck with no option to enter into your WordPress dashboard.

So, here backdoors come into focus which help you to gain access to your website in this situation.

If you design website for other peoples, you should always create a backdoor to their WordPress dashboard. So, if they stuck in such situation then you can get the access back and make an impact on them.

In this post I will be telling you “How you can create backdoor in a WordPress website?”.

How you can create a backdoor in WordPress website?

Create Backdoor

Step 1 : Go to your WordPress admin panel and then to Theme editor section. Now open functions.php file.

Step 2 : Add the following code to that functions.php file

Step 3 : Save the file and leave it as it is.

If you choose to leave the code as it is, all you need to do is create a new admin on the site. You can do this by visiting

Once the page has loaded, type in your new username in “champhub” and password in “demo1221.”

You can, of course, make this change in the code itself by changing the ‘champhub’ and ‘demo1221’ to anything of your choice. You can also change the link to your back door by changing ‘gatekeeper’ or/and ‘opengate’ to anything you want.

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