How to fix Broken Links in your WordPress site?

SEO is the key-point of success of any website. Google always rank websites with quality content, light simple design and have decent Backlinks and internal links. They hate the websites with errors and broken links. A site with broken links is never gonna rank on first page of Google.

Broken links are generally happens when we link to a website that is closed or when we a enter a wrong URL or webpage while writing a blog post. You need to fix those links so, Google get a good signal from your site and they increase your ranking in their SERPs.

But, the question comes in our mind, How we can find and fix those broken links. If a blog which is having only few blog posts, then it’s very easy to find and fix those links. But what about those huge blogs with tons of Blog posts, it’s not possible to check each and every posts and find broken links manually.

But why worry, when I am here to teach a very simple method to find and fix links and see skyrocketing your blog rankings.

In this blog post, I will be guiding you How you can fix broken links in your WordPress site.

Let get started…

How to fix Broken Links in your WordPress site?

Broken Backlinks

Follow these simple steps to fix all the links of your blog. After this, you won’t get any problems. You can also check for the links which are broken anyhow on Google Webmaster Tool(a.k.a. Google Search Console). You’ll get a section of Internal Linking that shows all internal links your blog have with all the errors it having.

Step 1: Download Broken Link Checker plugin

Go to your WordPress Admin Dashboard, and then Plugins»Add New.

Step 2: Install & Activate that plugin.

Now, search for “Broken Link Checker” and then you need to click on the install button and then click on the activate button.

Step 3: Open broken link checker in your WordPress dashboard

There you’ll find all the links that are broken or redirecting to some other website. Here you can easily fix all the links that are broken. There are options or permanently removing that link or you can replace the old link with the new ones.

You can also change the anchor text of the link through this plugin.

This plugin makes that tough work as easy as to put butter on a bread.

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