Get Free Domain from Namecheap | Github Education Pack

Getting a domain name isn’t a bad thing, but when it’s for free it’s more amazing than ever. Yes, in this post we are going to see how you can get a free domain name for you from Namecheap. You can get domain name but you must have a GitHub Student Developer Pack to get started with. If you are a student and haven’t got one then head over here to get one for yourself.

Let’s get started…

Get Free Domain from Namecheap | Github Education Pack

Getting Registered

Head over to the main site of Namecheap and register yourself thereby filling in your details. It would be better to use your university E-mail ID to fill in the registration there. Namecheap also provides services of FreeDNS if you want to use it, you can use it without any cost. However, premium DNS would cost some amount. Namecheap’s FreeDNS can be used across all domain names registered with all domain registrars.

Namecheap Education Program

After getting yourself registered to Namecheap, you can go to the student portal of Namecheap which is Namecheap Education Program. Fill in the domain you want to search for. However, it might show other option to choose any domain name but only,me domain is free for the students.

Fill in the domain you want to search for. It could or Have a look below, here only .me free and rest of them are paid.

Add your order to the cart and proceed to complete order and you’ll be welcome to a new screen offering you to choose the option you want your domain for. Here you can choose from two options, whether you can opt-in GitHub Pages or Exposure.

GitHub Pages

GitHub Pages option is for people who hosted their site on GitHub and want the custom domain for their project. Namecheap takes cares of the technicalities like setting up CNAME records and alike, so you just have to fill in the domain name. If you want to directly launch the code hosted on your GitHub repository then GitHub Pages if the option you would like to go with.


Exposure is the other option if you want to make a portfolio of beautiful images for showcasing. Providing features like Auto-Photo resizing, responsive design, unlimited bandwidth on uploads and embed feature on social media. Among all these amazing features one of the best is that you can host your exposure site on your own domain name and even remove Namecheap’s branding.

Completing the order

After choosing one of the two options, fill in your institutional E-mail ID to finish up and Voila! You’ve got your domain name.

But if your school isn’t registered with Namecheap then you can fill up form to let them consider your school.

Institution not registered

Although this process might take some time, it isn’t that bad if you’re getting a domain name of your choice.

Namecheap Education Program Form

You can fill the form above to let them consider your Institution for Namecheap Education Program and have you qualify for Namecheap’s Education Program.

Let me know your thoughts on this topic in the comments below and if you don’t know what GitHub is all about making sure to have a look here What is GitHub ?. 

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