How to Generate Desired Traffic from Twitter

Twitter is known to be a great source of social networking where tons of people love to communicate and share their daily updates.

Butif we speak about it from SEO point of view, then surely it is the finest option to attract the desired traffic to your website. So better get in touch with it and start tweeting from today to get tons of traffic.

It is quite a simplistic app in approach and if used efficiently it can render lots of useful plus beneficial results. So using the characters wisely is the basic aspect you need to keep in mind while tweeting on it and here are some tips to get the desired traffic from it.

How to Generate Desired Traffic from Twitter?


1. Create Distinctive Twitter Profile – Interesting profile is very much in demand and that should be your first focus. So create a wonderful profile page with great username on Twitter.

2. Select a Niche-Targeted Username – Make it a point that your username is niche-targeted, for better illustration – like you are an SEO expert and your site is all about SEO so prefer such usernames like – SEOexpert, SEOguru, SEOartist etc. This will in turn attract more useful traffic to your website.

3. Craft Your Site/Blog’s URL in the Profile Info – Profile information is also very essential and engraving your URL info in the profile is the main mode to get the desired traffic.

4. Share the Link of Your Website with all Your Friends, Coworkers, and Acquaintances – Remember that your friends and followers are the main associate to get your website to the top, so make sure you send a link of your website to all your friends, coworkers, and acquaintances.

5. Get in Touch With Twitter Users Having Same Interest as Yours – Getting in touch with people who share the same interest as yours is one of the most efficient ways to create a huge following and in turn they will surely going to visit your website. Thereafter to keep them engrossed you can always try out something unique to make them frequently visit your website.

6. Socialize a Lot on Twitter – Build a good social network and that’s what your motto should be while being on Twitter. Be an active member, reply to posts and visit the links of your followers and it will be returned to you in the same manner.

7. Make it a Point to Tweet Regularly – Twitter is all about Tweeting and to maintain the charts of huge followers you need to feed them with good tweeted stuff to make them happy and satisfied. It is just a matter of seconds and you can surely render time to tweet 140 impressive characters.

8. Don’t Ever Try to Spam – Every Twitter user loves to be in contact with relevant people or businesses. If you opt for spamming soon you’ll be shut off from the micro blogging site Twitter. So it’s better to create a fan following with all the pertinent stuff and avoid fakeness.

9. Take Advantage of Twitter Feed – Another great option to increase your followers is to check out and configure your feeds.

10. Make Use of Twitter Search – It is inbuilt with great search feature where you can search pretty much everything and that too in real-time. So post popular tweets because Twitter search is more effective than Google.

11. Add Twitter Gadgets to Your Website – There are a wide varieties of their gadgets that are quite amazing to use and many are released on day-to-day basis.

The best thing is that your blog visitors can become your followers and more the followers you get in return sufficient traffic will be generated to your site. And building a good network through it is the main aim to get the desired traffic.

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  1. Yash roy

    helpful article 🙂 thankyou

    1. Abhishek Verma

      Thanks Yash. I am glad to hear that it helped you.

  2. Prabhash

    Twitter is really a great place to earn leads directly. Have been using it for a long time. Thanks for the informative article.

    1. Abhishek Verma

      Yes, I totally agree with you. I am also getting most of my freelancing projects through Twitter. 😉

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