GitHub Announced Unlimited Free Private Repositories

With the starting of the new year, GitHub has announced the availability of unlimited free private repositories for free accounts and a whole new bunch of Enterprise offerings. If you are a tech guy and don’t know what Git and Github are about? Check Here What is GitHub?

Let’s dig into these updates now

GitHub Free

People having free accounts on GitHub can now use the feature of private repositories. One of the best thing about them is that their numbers are unlimited. Yes, it is correct that GitHub is offering unlimited private repositories to developers. However, it comes with a limitation of having three collaborators per repository. As we know, most of the developers work on their side projects to apply for a job or try out something in person before releasing it to the public. That’s where private repositories come in handy. By having this wonderful opportunity in hand, more and more developers can work on their personal projects as well, while contributing to the Open Source Community.

People are already giving a much positive response as expected from it. As far as public repositories are confirmed they are still free (Not any kind of charges there) and include unlimited collaborators. Get ready to roll out in the world of open-source and start developing new things.


GitHub Enterprise


A brand new unified product for Enterprise Cloud (formerly known as GitHub Business Cloud ) and Enterprise Server (formerly known as GitHub Enterprise).Whether you’re a small organization or a big shot, any organization can now access both at one per-seat price. And with the integration of GitHub Connect, these products can be linked securely. It also provides a hybrid option as well so that developers can work seamlessly across both environments.



In addition to above-mentioned updates, GitHub Pro ( formerly known as GitHub Developer) and GitHub Team are also available for developers. It’s also available to teams who have a need for professional coding and collaboration features. There’s also one new update that if you’re having a developer account then a Star with PRO also appears on your profile. Along with this GitHub has also introduced a feature to mention your status with options like Working from homeFocusing, Out Sick and much more.



Now that these features of GitHub are open to the public, you can do as much as development you want to do or just host your code on GitHub there are no limits onto it. However, much of these updates were already provided on GitHub with GitHub Student Developer Pack.

Do share this post and let others know about this whole new platform for opportunities. Also, let me know in the comments below how you feel about this announcement by GitHub.


  1. Piyush Suthar

    Thanks for Sharing this update with us! 🙂

  2. Nilesh Khatri

    Wow! That a great surprise, If it’s true. I am so happy.
    Thanks Himanshu sir for sharing this.

    1. Himanshu Verkiya

      You’re most welcome @Nilesh_Khatri . And yeah it’s really an amazing update by GitHub.

  3. Amitesh Chaudhary

    Great News.
    Thanks for sharing buddy.

  4. Mohd. Affan

    Awesome work by GitHub. Very helpful for students like me.

    1. Himanshu Verkiya

      Yup! @Mohd._Affan.It’s really awesome opportunity for students!

  5. Geeks Helper

    Thank you sir for sharing this update.

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