How To Change WordPress Default Username For Security

You may want to change your WordPress default username if you have a username something like “admin” or may “yourblogname” etc
As these names are pretty easy to guess and thus make your blog prone to be hacked.

WordPress by default does not offer you to change your WordPress default login name,but by using your phpmyadmin you can change your WordPress default login name and even retrieve your password.

How to change login username in WordPress.

Go to your cpanel and in their navigate to phpmyadmin.

cPanel » phpmyadmin

Once you are in their locate the data base that has your WordPress installation.

WordPress DB
select your WordPress DB

Open the data base and look for the file named and open it.

Now you should see a list of files looking like this.

Browse WordPress DB
Click on the browse button

open the one named as  wp_users by clicking on the first icon on the right hand side of the file.

Now will see your user name and encrypted form of your password.

Click Pencil Icon
Click on the pencil icon

Click on the pencil icon to change your WordPress login users name and/or password

How To Change WordPress Default Username For Security

Enter the new login username in front of the user_login and/or new password in front of the user_pass

Once you have entered new the login username or/and passwords,click on the drop down right in front of the user_pass and select MD5( this will encrypt your password).

That  done click on Go and that’s it now you have changed your WordPress login username and login password.

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