install WordPress on AWS EC2

How To Install WordPress on AWS EC2 using Webinoly

We all love WordPress, that’s why it is the most popular CMS/Blog tool out there. Installing WordPress on cPanel is a bread-butter kind of thing. But, when it comes to installing WordPress on AWS EC2 like cloud hosting, it get a bit hard for non-techies. Don’t worry people, I am here to guide you on “How To Install WordPress on AWS EC2 using Webinoly“. Let’s get started…

How To Install WordPress on AWS EC2 using Webinoly

The process to install WordPress on AWS EC2 is going to be easy with the following tutorial. Just follow the steps carefully and you’ll be set to go :

Create an AWS account

Of course, you need an AWS account to install WordPress on their servers. So, first of all create an account of AWS, and you’ll get a FREE TIER for one year. You can deploy and run applications to learn and more things during this free tier. There is a article written by Himanshu which explains what you get and how you can avail FREE TIER.

Video Tutorial

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  1. ankit

    Thanks for awesome guide. it helped me lot in installing wordpress on ec2

  2. Wasim Akram

    Abhishek sir you have explained this process thoroughly. Thanks for this article.

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