Effective Ways To Increase Your Search Rankings Without Building Links

Ranking your website on Google isn’t as simple as it’s back in the day. A few years back, you can rank almost for any keyword easily. You just have to choose a keyword and include it in your title tag, meta description, and the URL. You can still increase your search rankings if you follow the tips I am sharing in this post.

We know that Link Building is the most important factor that will increase your search rankings. But, these days it’s not easy. People are not gonna link to you without any reasons.

Link Building is important but it’s not the only factor increase your search engine ranking. But, this is not the only way to increase your search engine rankings. There are more than 200 factors that increase your search engine rankings.

In this article, I am gonna share with you “Effective Ways To Increase Your Search Rankings Without Building Links“. I guarantee you that, you’re gonna love these tips and you’ll rank No. 1 on Google If you follow them.

Effective Ways To Increase Your Search Rankings Without Building Links

1. Clickthrough Rate(CTR)

clickthrough rate - Increase your search rankings

The another most important factor after link building is your Clickthrough Rate(CTR). It’s one of the biggest factors that Google looks for while ranking a website. Let’s say, you searched for a term “Online Marketing”. If most of the people are gonna click on the second listing on that search engine result page, eventually Google will move up the second listing that’s getting more user attention than the first one.

Google uses the user signals to figure out the ranking of your website on their search engine page. So, If you want to improve your search engine rankings then you need to increase your clickthrough rate.

For increasing your clickthrough rate, you should your Title tag and the meta description more appealing. You should make your title tag attractive and explain your article/service in short in the meta description.

You can make your Title tag and Meta description appealing by following these tips :

  • Use appealing words like “Get Now, Try, Free” etc.
  • Add Phrased like “Updated in 2018”.

Using these phrases you’ll get more clicks, and after a time you’ll outrank and get the No.1 position in that SERP. So, I would recommend you to use those phrases.

If you’re not sure about choosing phrases, Google the term you wanna rank for, and look for the copy of Paid Ads. Peoples who spend money on Ads make their Ad copy more appealing so peoples are gonna click on it. And your CTR will be skyrocketed.
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2. Internal Linking

internal linking - Increase your search rankings

Backlinking is important. But the Internal Linking is also a big factor that will increase your search rankings. Internal Linking helped me a lot more than any other thing in ranking high on Google Search for my targeted keyword.

Internal linking helps you to rank your site in many ways. It helps in complete indexing of your website. So, If spider i.e.’ Google’s crawler bot lands on your website, then it will be able to crawl all the web pages of your website. It will increase the number of indexed pages from your website on Google.

Internal Linking helps to increase the page value to the user visited your website. It helps to give importance to the other important pages but not get indexed or ranked by Google.


3. Delete Zombie Pages

delete zombie pages - Increase your search rankings

Yeah, you read that right. zombie pages.

If you don’t know about zombie pages, then let me tell you. zombie pages are those pages which contain very less content that gives no value to your site and published a long time ago. These zombie pages are generally found on Job sites and question-answer sites.

When you delete these zombie pages, then Google will remove those pages from their listings and this will increase your site’s Page Authority. And also increase your search engine rankings.

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