How to move WordPress From CloudWays to Vultr using ServerPilot

We don’t need to tell that WordPress is the king of CMS and Blogging Platforms. You already know that. But we also know that moving WordPress Blog from one web host to another one isn’t a tedious task, you can easily do it with migrater plugins like AIO WP Migration. We are about to move WordPress from Cloudways to Vultr.

But, there’s always a headache of downtime. But, if you’re using Cloudways hosting then you can move WordPress from Cloudways to Vultr using WordPress Migrator in just three steps.

But when you use ServerPilot to move WordPress from cloudways to vultr, the process becomes very fast and without any risk of downtime.

Why you should move WordPress from Cloudways to Vultr

Cloudways provide the same features (like 1 GB RAM server and easy-to-use interface) as the Vultr provides to you.

The big difference between Cloudways and Vultr is the price. Cloudways cost you $10/month for 1 GB RAM Server while Vultr charge only $5/month.

When we move wordpress from cloudways to vultr, then you can save $5/month and $60/month, that’s a good amount of money. On Cloudways you’re spending extra $5 for the same features that Vultr provide.

Let me introduce you to a bit of these things

Before we move wordpress from cloudways to vultr, you must know a little bit about these things.

I am talking about Cloudways, Vultr, and Server-pilot, and if you don’t know about these things, then let me introduce you to these things. If you already know, what all these things are, then you can skip this section. Here is some terminology for these technical things :

  • Cloudways: It’s a Managed Cloud Hosting platform that can be used by Cloud service providers. This makes all the things magically very easy and this is best for the technical and non-technical users.
  • Vultr: It’s a powerful yet cheap cloud web hosting provider that is best for the services like WordPress.
  • Serverpilot: A Free platform to manage a cloud server like Vultr, and run unlimited services like WordPress.
  • SSH: Secure Shell to control your web-server.
  • Putty: SSH Client Application, similar to CMD.
  • JuiceSSH: SSH Application For Android Smartphone users

Why use Vultr?

As I already told you that Cloudways charges $5/month more that Vultr. Vultr provides cloud hosting at just $5/month, this is how we can save $5/month and $60/year when we move wordpress from cloudways to vultr.

Most of the beginners, choose a wrong web hosting at starting days and later on regret it. I have prepared a list of best-shared web hostings for your WordPress site, if you’re a beginner then go for shared otherwise choose cloud hosting.

Choosing a bad host results in the arouse of a lot of problems. And at that time we have no way. We just head to Google and search for these type of questions :

  • How to fix error 503?
  • How to fix 500?
  • How to fix disk error of Filezilla?
  • How to fix slow site?
  • How to increase PHP memory limit.
  • How to increase execution time and all that crap.

And when we get no satisfactory answer or the problem not get solved, then we head up to their support. And there, we just get the copy-pasted crap from the internet.

There are a lot of rumors out there about Cloud Hosting that they cost much higher than shared hosting. But that’s totally false, the cloud hosting plans start just from $2.5/month. You should also move wordpress from cloudways to vultr right now using this guide if you’re facing problems on your present web hosting.

There are more excuses for people’s :

  • Cloud Hosting is for technical people’s and I have no technical knowledge.
  • It has no pre-build cPanel and I need that.
  • Its price is a lot more than Shared Hosting

My brother/sister, If you want to be successful in Blogging, then you should have a technical bone in your body. You should have to be tech-savvy to move wordpress from cloudways to vultr.

Install WordPress on Vultr through ServerPilot

You can easily move any WordPress site from cloudways using ServerPilot on Vultr. Follow this full guide to move your WordPress site with no downtime:

Required :

Login details of the old and new web server
Access to SSH
1 hour, patience

Step # 1: Create A New Vultr Server

Create an account on vultr and do a top-up of $10.

move wordpress from cloudways to vultr

After creating an account and doing the payment, add a new server to your account.

Add a new server - move wordpress from cloudways to vultr
Image Courtesy: GulshanKumar

After Adding a server, choose the location of your server.

Tip: Choose the server close to your focused audience.

Choose Server Location

On the next page, you’ll need to select the type of server you want to use for your site.

Server TypeNow you need to choose the server size, You should choose at least 1GB RAM for great performance.

Server size

Next to it is Addition Features. You should enable the IPv6 and make sure to click on Backups if you want automatic regular backups of your site.


Next things, Startup Scripts and SSH Keys, just ignore them and enter the Server Hostname and its level.

Now, confirm the monthly billing and click on Deploy Now button.

Deploy now

Please wait for sometime, while the service is installing.

After the service will be installed, then you’ll get a confirmation email.

Step # 2: Point the Nameservers to Vultr servers

Now, you need to point the nameservers to the Vultr servers. You can get the Vultr Server’s IP on the Vultr dashboard.

The process of changing DNS is very easy. The process may be different according to your DNS manager. The DNS Propagation may take up to 30 minutes.

Step # 3: Installing WordPress using ServerPilot

As your DNS is propagating, so in the Meantime, you should connect to a Cloud Server. Login/Sign up to You should use its free plan, as its enough for WordPress.

After going to your ServerPilot Dashboard, you should click on Connect Server.

Enter your Server IP address, root password, and for SFTP choose a new password.

Copy the Server’s root password from your Vultr account > Server

Now, click on the “Connect Server” button and wait for ServerPilot to do the installation of Nginx, PHP etc.

From now, managing each and everything is very simple. It’s time to install WordPress with just a click. Click on the “Create App” button in server pilot and fill the form according to instructions :

  • Enter your choice app name in small letters, example: demowp
  • Enter domain name
  • Check WordPress
  • Enter a new username
  • Enter a Password
  • Select PHP 7.1
  • Select Server – Vultr (I named it demo)
  • Chooser user: ServerPilot

Create an app, and install WordPress in just 5 minutes.

Now, all done. Let’s install an SSL certificate.

Step # 4: Install Let’s Encrypt SSL

Let’s Encrypt is one of the best, secure and free SSL provider.

Before proceeding, make sure that you pointed your domain to Vultr Server IP. You can do it by using DNS checking tool.

For installing SSL, you need to login to your server using Putty.

Open the Putty>Enter Server IP>Click open

If there’s any security error popup then just click Yes.

Enter username as root and copy-paste the server’s password and hit the login button.

If you see any update, just type apt-get update and enter key. Okay, let’s move to installing SSL.

Type below command one by one to install Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificate

sudo su
cd /usr/local/bin && wget
sudo chmod +x

Now, we will begin installing let’s Encrypt to app using command

Now, press Y key

Provide WordPress application name demowp (Find at ServerPilot, as followed in step 24th)

Provide system username server pilot

Enter domain name in non-www and www format with space. No comma allowed

Press Enter key, Let’s Encrypt should be installed now.

Now setup Auto-renewal. As we know let’s encrypt expires after few months, type crontab -e

Type 2 for nano mode.

Enter below command
0 */12 * * * letsencrypt renew && service nginx-sp reload

Use CTRL+O and Enter key command to write out. Press CTRL+X to exit. (Follow the on-screen instructions)

That’s it. A new Cron job should be added now.

Step #5: Migrate WordPress From Cloudways to Vultr

Before proceeding here, make sure the domain is pointing to the Vultr server and the WordPress that you installed on ServerPilot is up and running with HTTPS.

Follow this guide properly to move your WordPress site from cloudways to Vultr servers with zero downtime :

  1. Login to Cloudways > Server

Copy Master Credentials (IP, Username and Password)
Copy application path

  1. Enter to SSH Panel using Putty
  2. Navigate to public html directory cd applications/app name/public_html/
  3. Create ZIP of wp-content folder zip -r wp-content/

Wait till completion, this may take few minutes to an hour.

  1. Now, you have to point the IP to the old Server as we going to download the file to the new server
  2. Login to the new server via Putty
  3. Type cd /srv/users/serverpilot/apps/appname/public/ to navigate public directory.
    (At ServerPilot, it’s public not public_html)
  4. wget to download file at new server

9. rm -rf /wp-content/ to remove old (default) wp-content folder.

10. unzip to unzip the old file in the wp-content folder.

Now, wp-content part done. Now, please point IP to new Server.

  1. Go back to Cloudways > Application > launch MySql Manager > Export all tables at the system
  2. Log in again to public_html directory of a new server
  3. Install phpMyAdmin 3 at the new server, the command is written below.

wget && unzip && rm && mv phpMyAdmin-4.7.8-all-languages phpmyadmin

  1. Edit wp-config.php file, grab MySQL username and password
  2. Make sure to Point the new IP to your domain

Edit host file or switch at DNS directly

  1. Login to phpMyAdmin
  2. Import/Export tables from Cloudways MySQL manager
  3. Update Database Table Prefix in the wp-config.php file
  4. Update your robots.txt file.
  5. Now, you should point your domain IP back to the new Server. Everything will be awesome.

That’s all, you have successfully moved your WordPress site from cloudways to Vultr with no downtime.

If you facing any problems in this process, or have any suggestions for us, then make sure you leave a comment, I will reply within an hour.

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