Schedule your blog post to never run out of post

If you are unaware of the fact that Google BlogSpot and WordPress both have post scheduling feature.

What is post scheduling?

Post scheduling mean, scheduling a post for future publication. In simple word, you write a post now and you schedule it for few days later.

Why do we need schedule post?

Talking about my niche (tech blog) I cover topic on computer hacks, Internet and latest tech news. Out of all these topics latest tech news are instantaneous post like my previous post on Google new search algorithm.

Importance of post scheduling for SEO?

Google love website and blog with continuous post and updates.. If you are posting more then 8 post a day and then for the next few days no post, You are actually hurting your website authority and page rank.

With scheduling you can keep your blog running and your blog will never run out of the post.

Tip : Always   maintain at least 10-15 post in drafts, so that you can publish them or schedule them anytime in the case of emergency.

What’s your opinion about post scheduling? Is it a nice idea to schedule your post or write post and hit publish button?

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  1. Vipin Kumar

    Nice Blog Post. 😃

  2. Prabhash

    Scheduling a blog post has always been a headache for me especially when it comes to handling multiple clients. Thanks for pointing this out

    1. Abhishek Verma

      Happy to know that this article helped you. 🙂

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