What is Github ?

Once in a while, you might have heard about Git or Github ? Ever wondered what they are for ? In this post we are just going to discuss that. So, let’s get started .

Before getting into Github we have to learn about Git and it’s functionalities.


Git is a version control system created by Linus Torvalds for tracking changes in computer files and coordinating work among multiple people. It’s mostly used for source-code management in software development, but it can be used to keep the track of changes in any set of files. Every day, lots of code is managed by git and pushed to Github. In short, Git is just a software which is used to track the changes in your files or source code.

Talk is cheap. Show me the code.

Linux Torvalds

What is GitHub?

A Definition from the web would be something like “distributed version-control platform where users can collaborate on or adopt open source code projects, fork code, share ideas”.


In simple terms, Github is a platform where you can host your code and share it with others. People use it for their open source projects. You can also use it to contribute to other people’s projects. Most of the open source softwares like Mozilla Firefox are based on it.

Open source software is software available free of cost to anyone who wants to use it. Currently Licensed under GNU GPLv2 Git is main backbone of Github.

So, this was just a quick overview of Git and Github. Hope you like short summary I provided here. If you want to develop open source software then it is the place for you. Every day, new and innovative projects are in development here and you may want to take a look at them. So, get your system ready and code for it on GitHub here.

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  1. Aditi Mishra

    Hello Himanshu,
    Thanks for sharing this amazing article about GitHub. 🙂

    1. Himanshu Verkiya

      Thanks for the compliment, Aditi 🙂
      I’m glad that you liked it.

  2. Anupam Sonkar

    Thanks for the great article.
    I have a question, How I can copy someone’s GitHub repository to work on it.
    Please answer?

    1. Himanshu Verkiya

      You can fork that repository and after making changes in the repository you forked, you can open a PR(Pull Request) to the owner, to merge your changes in his/her repository. Here’s a link to one guide provided by Github.

  3. Ashutosh Kumar

    Thanks for sharing such a great Article. You really shared such a useful Information with us which helped me a lot.

    1. Himanshu Verkiya

      It’s so nice to hear that you liked the post. Thanks alot. Happy new year as well 🙂

  4. Ashutosh Kumar

    Thanks for sharing such great Article. You really shared such a useful Information with us which helped me a lot.

    1. Himanshu Verkiya

      Thanks alot sir ! I’m so happy that you liked my work. Have a wonderful journey to open source. : )

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